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written by JC Smith, appeared in Outburn #11

Mote (The Foundry)
:music born of electronic communication dysfunction:
The Foundry is not so much a band as a musical conglomeration formed as a response to a singular technological event: a 46-second phone message consisting of quirkily rhythmic clicks interlaced with empty line static (or was it actually a purposeful communication from the electronic byways around us?). Furthermore, as a launching pad, it is either manipulated or simply utilized as inspiration (there are some tracks that seem very loosely linked to the initial concept yet, like a puzzle piece, somehow help in the materialization of the whole sonic picture). The Foundry's (the label) Michael Bentley gathers artists (eM, Rhomb, The Apiary, Susan Worland) from the label's roster (or, I suppose, fitting into The Foundry musical mindset) to interpret, reconstruct, and play off of each other in imaginative ways. The tracks go from clattering, electronic ribbets that grow more agitated and strange as the track progresses, leading one into a vast sonorous landscape in "Reverie", to moody chords augmented with distant wails that blindly shamble through the aural outskirts of "Dark Passage", to the slippery, echoed (and sometimes abrasive) violin that plays off the static drone, the sound careening off the electricity within the cables, cruising the circuitryways, ghosts in the (answering) machine, during the excellent "The Bridge." This listener found Mote to be a compelling blend of glitch dynamics and a darkly tinted, transparent ambience.