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The second volume of the Amber subseries. This material was originally written in 1987 and a handful of copies were distributed at that time. The Nadir contains two pieces, Her Fragrant Emulsion and Secrets of the Universe, from which we present the introduction below. January 1997. Available?

Enter the twilight world. The sun stands on the horizon, cities begin to glow of their own energy. When much of the world relaxes into the cocktail hour I am beginning my day. A drive through those flickering lights and I am above the city, away.

I come upon the cluster of buildings that house the observatory. They take on an odd character standing as they do, alone among the mountains. Small comforts against such a big sky. In the dome I listen to the mechanical hum of the roof opening. I lean ever so slightly into the revolution of the platform. In the night an hour or more can pass. I find myself looking at the same stars but facing a different direction. My life fades away into the nocturnal realm and I watch; like waiting, like a hunt.

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