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The Foundry's main written projects have been the Yellow Snow Chapbooks. The Yellow Snow Literary Group was begun as a "serious joke," a kind of humourous rival to Black Ice Books, a publisher of some rather interesting material. It was the perception among certain parties that the Black Ice folk took themselves a bit too seriously, something frequently observed in the avant garde art world. Much discussion took place and a course of action was arrived at. On the night of a Black Ice signing and party at a local bookstore a group of conspirators arrived with the first Yellow Snow chapbook in hand and name tags sporting the moniker "Anon." A chilly reception ensued and Yellow Snow was off and running.

Black Ice, Yellow Snow, just a play on words, but it has provided an avenue for many different creative ideas, and so has taken on a life of its own, enduring long after the single event for which it was conceived. Yellow Snow has produced nearly a score of chapbooks since its inception, with more projects to come.

What follows is a list of titles for every chapbook produced thus far, even several done before Yellow Snow came into being. To investigate further, please click on any title. Click here for a definition of chapbook.

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